Summoner and champion
stats for League of Legends champ select screen



– Supports Unranked Draft, RANKED SOLO/DUO and FLEX queues
– League client must be in English and running at 1280×720


– 64bit Windows
– .NET framework (installed by default on most win7+)


Source code is available at

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What is it?

LoLQ is a windows desktop app that brings summoner and champion statistics to the champ select screen. It will try to auto detect summoner names and champ  picks. If a summoner isn't autodetected, you can copy the "xx joined the lobby" to clipboard and it will detect from those (like you do for You can also just input a summoner name manually.

Screenshot (theme #2, easily themable)

Video of champ select

Where is the data from?

Summoner data is provided by Riot's API

Champion data is provided by champion.GG API

How does the autodetection work?

It reads the league client as an image and tries to interpret text-from-image.

Is it free to use?

Yes! You can donate below if you want.

Open source?


Who made it?

Ric from

Contact info?